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Representative Industries

Achieve Success In Your Industry

Partner with a lawyer experienced representing both national brands and local talent.


Building and Construction Industry

From mechanic’s Liens, building defects, contract disputes, and project management, to contract review, bid protests, and bonding issues, let John bring clarity to all aspects of your construction projects.

Music Industry

With a deep legacy within the music business and cases in the national media, John represents bands and artists.

Creative Community

John’s spouse is an artist and many of his friends and colleagues are members of the creative community in South Jersey and Philadelphia so he understands your needs. Rely on John’s services to represent your growing creative business.

Entrepreneurial Businesses

John serves the interests of growing family-based and professional, entrepreneurial businesses. From everything including accountants, marketing-based businesses, consultants in sales and IT, John’s legal services help all entrepreneurial businesses.



Ensure your contracts with clients, customers, vendors, partners or shareholders are advantageous for the future of your business and career.


Get paid on those outstanding receivables, defend suits against you, and settle and resolve client disputes in the manner most cost-effective and advantageous to your particular business.

Retainer and Flat Fee Billing

Always have a Clarity Lawyer at your side and grow your business or career by utilizing retainer legal services, flat fee services, or project-based billing. We will work creatively with you to provide affordable services and maximum value for your legal dollars, with an eye firmly fixed on your bottom line.